4th ELSI Congress, Genomics and Socity: Expanding the ELSI Universe, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, 5-7 June 2017

The 4th ELSI Congress was the latest in a series of major conferences for researchers and others interested in the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of genomic research. Videos of Plenary Presentations are avaliable at the Congress website, together with abstracts and a large number of slide decks

ELSI2.0 and EUCelLEX Project Satellite Symposium at the International Association of Bioethics, Edinburgh, 14 June 2016

ELSI 2.0 and EUCelLEX (https://www.eucellex.eu/) teamed up to host a joint Symposium 'Exploring International Policy Development in Regenerative Medicine' alongside the 13th World Congress of Bioethics.

Highlights included a Panel session considering 'Socio-Ethical and Legal (ELSI) Implications of Genome Editing Technologies', Chaired by Dr Sarah Chan, Usher Institute for Population Health Sciences and Informatics, University of Edinburgh.


  • Associate Professor Ainsley Newson, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Professor Kazuto Kato, Osaka University, Japan
  • Associate Professor Rosario Isasi, Department of Human Genetics, University of Miami, USA
  • Dr Paul De Sousa, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

A second Panel comprising Stem Cell Research Scientists together with Ethicists also stimulated a lively debate.

Available meeting documents:

Sharing science, sharing values: the challenge of diversity, Toulouse, 03 December 2015

ELSI2.0 joined forces with the French Society of Human genetics to host this colloquium, addressing the values at stake in technological developments in genomics and their applications to the health sector, in the international context. The event celebrated 18 years of research in the group on Genomics and public health at Inserm and University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier joint Unit 1027, and marked an end of an era and the launch of a new venture as Anne Cambon-Thomsen adopted emeritus status and handed over leadership of the team to her distinguished colleague Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag.

Available meeting documents:

Inaugural ELSI2.0 International Conference, Oxford, 23-25 June 2015

ELSI2.0 joined forces with the HeLEX Centre at the University of Oxford to host this interactive and stimulating conference exploring the broad theme of Translation in Healthcare. The event celebrated 5 years of research at HeLEX, and hosted the official launch of the ELSI2.0 Workspace. A friendly and supportive atmosphere sparked numerous new collaborations, and delegates continued to work together following the conference to prepare publications for a special issue of BMC Medical Ethics. Click here to view their outputs!

Ahead of the conference, delegates were invited to use an interactive map to introduce themselves, and share what they looked forward to most about the event. Click here to view the map!

Available meeting documents:


COST Action 'Chip Me' Early Stage Researchers Workshop, Oxford, 17-21 November 2014

In November 2014 a group of 12 Early Career Researchers from across Europe gathered in Oxford for a 1 week interactive workshop focused on developing an interactive online workspace to facilitate collaboration and support career development. The ELSI 2.0 workspace has been designed to provide to provide key elements of the platform they have designed.