ELSI2.0’s Steering Committee is composed of individuals from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australasia, and Asia, and has included representatives from government bodies, universities and the charity sector. The committee meets quarterly via video or telephone conferencing.

The full list of existing ELSI2.0’s Steering Committee members is provided in the table below. More details are available by clicking on the name of each individual member.

Current ELSI2.0 Steering Committee members:

•  Clement Adebamowo, West African Bioethics Training Program, Nigeria and University of Maryland, USA
•  Anne Cambon-Thomsen, University of Toulouse, France
•  Donald Chalmers, University of Tasmania, Australia

•  Jennifer Harris, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
•  Nils Hoppe, University of Hannover, Germany
•  Eric T. Juengst, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
•  Kazuto Kato, Osaka University, Japan
•  Jane Kaye, University of Oxford, UK
•  Bartha M. Knoppers, McGill University, Canada
•  Patricia Marshall, Case Western Reserve University, USA
•  Eric M. Meslin, Indiana University, USA
•  Anne-Marie Tassé, McGill University, Canada
•  Graeme Laurie, University of Edinburgh, UK
•  Diakite Mahamadou, University of Science, Techniques and Technology of Bamako, Mali
•  Ainsley Newson, University of Sydney, Australia
•  Barbara Koenig, University of California, San Francisco, USA
  Sandra Lee, Stanford University, USA
Madeleine Murtagh, University of Bristol, UK

Former ELSI2.0 Steering Committee members:

•  Alastair Kent, Genetic Alliance, UK
•  Kelly Edwards, University of Washington, USA
Jantina DeVries, University of Cape Town, South Africa