Professor Adebamowo is a leading bioethicist and clinical researcher in Africa and is a member of H3Africa. Clement is particularly keen to engage young African scholars in the work of ELSI2.0, and to help create opportunities for dissemination of the collaboratory's outputs. He is Chairman of the Nigerian National Health Research Ethics Committee and Director of the West African Bioethics Training Program.

West African Bioethics Training Program:
The West African Bioethics Training Program (WAB) is an NIH funded training program that provides short, medium and long duration modern international research ethics training to biomedical researchers, members of ethics committees and individuals identified by their institutions as leaders in research ethics and responsible conduct of research in West Africa. WAB provides full scholarship to students completing Master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, blended medium term bioethics training and provides short-term online courses in collaboration with CITI and TRREE. WAB is dedicated towards development of research ethicists who are able to provide service and conduct research that contributes an African voice to global ethics discourse.