Graeme Laurie is Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Edinburgh and Founding Director of the JK Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law. He is the holder of a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award and Principal Investigator for a project entitled Confronting the Liminal Spaces of Health Research Regulation. This is a five-year, interdisciplinary project, that began in October 2014. You can follow more details of the project here: @LiminalSpacesWT and at the website here:

The JK Mason Institute, University of Edinburgh
The JK Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Science and the Law (MI), based at the University of Edinburgh and located within the School of Law, serves as an interdisciplinary research network, aimed at investigating the interface between medicine, life sciences and the law in relation to medical and bioethical developments on a national and global scale. MI is dedicated to conducting innovative world class research, and raising the quality, quantity, and awareness of the research being undertaken, individually and in cooperation with other domestic, European, and international partners at the University of Edinburgh. As an institution, it provide evidence-based research and policy advice and is a nexus for international collaboration and exchange, drawing on and pulling together a diverse collection of existing networks and forging new ones. See more here: Twitter: @masoninstitute