Professor Kato has been working on ethics and governance of genome research more than 15 years and has strong ties with many of the leading scholars in Asia. He is eager to use this network to encouraging the engagement of Asian scholars and stakeholders. Professor Kato is supported by a strong team of young reseachers who share his vision towards integrating the perspectives of non-Western researchers and people into ELSI2.0.

Osaka University:
Osaka University is one of the largest comprehensive national universities in Japan with over 23,000 students and 9,000 staff. The formal establishment of the university was in 1931, but its main roots were founded more than 150 years ago as private learning places in the Edo period.  With a long history of excellence in research and education, Osaka University currently has 11 undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools, 5 research institutes, 21 research centres and two university hospitals.  Many of the University’s research staff are world leading scholars, and it is particularly renowned for its strength in Medicine, Engineering and Economics.