ELSI2.0 is a global partnership aiming to accelerate the translation of ELSI research findings into practice and policy. ELSI2.0 is grounded in a commitment to the shared values of mutual respect, trust, and active collaboration. ELSI2.0 promotes the development of new methods and frameworks for the strategic targeting of research to overcome current barriers to international, interdisciplinary research. Through ELSI2.0, collaborators can be globally connected while still carrying out locally sensitive research. By enabling large-scale global collaborations among a range of stakeholders, ELSI research will be better equipped to address contemporary challenges more effectively, efficiently and economically than ever before leading to development of better local, regional, and international practice and policy.

On Being a Collaborator

  • Participation as a registered Collaborator is open to individuals whose activities contribute to the aims and vision of ELSI2.0
  • Collaborators gain access to and are encouraged to use the ELSI2.0 e-workspace for collaboration
  • Open access – Collaborators are encouraged to share their resources for the development of best practice
  • Non- registered individuals may participate in the activities of the Working Groups and ELSI2.0 Networks, but are encouraged to sign up for full benefits of registered Collaboration including access to the ELSI2.0 e-workspace
  • Any Collaborator may remove themselves from the registration list by informing the Steering Committee at any time
  • Collaborator status will continue unless any issue has been brought to the attention of the ELSI2.0 Steering Committee and any member may be removed by agreement within the Steering Committee
  • Collaboration is free of charge