A workshop was organised at the Brocher Foundation in Switzerland, from June 03-05, 2014 which included 24 scholars from Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, Japan and Australia.  The group considered data sharing issues faced by today’s research community, and elements that could/should be improved. The workshop used post-it-notes to collect and compare thoughts, and then broke out into small discussion groups.  The thoughts that came out of these discussions were summarized into short paragraphs and fed back to the wider group for discussion, enabling all delegates to discuss a wide range of issues and innovative ideas. This is being formulated into a group publication. 

Contact persons: Professor Madeleine Murtagh, mm13743@bristol.ac.uk,  Mahsa Shabani mahsa.shabani@kuleuven.be  and Dr Federica Lucivero : federica.lucivero@kcl.ac.uk


  • Professor Madeleine Murtagh, University of Bristol
  • Dr Federica Lucivero, Kings College London
  • Mahsa Shabani, KU Leuven, Belgium